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Social Security Disability

What Is A Social Security Disability Claim?

Social Security disability benefits are available to those who pay into the Social Security system. Eligibility is dependent on the extent of your disability and the number of quarters paid into the system.

You Deserve a Break

Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits can be a long, tedious process. You are applying because you are dealing with issues of poor health. No need to subject yourself to additional stress, anxiety and hassles. David Allen & Associates possesses over 40 years of dealing with the Social Security Administration. Forty years of successfully obtaining Social Security Disability payments. We can assist with any and all stages of your claim from Application through Hearing and on to a Federal Court action, if necessary. Call or email today for a case evaluation.

Wondering if you are eligible for SSD Benefits?

Our experienced people who will speak with you about your health and help you determine if Social Security Disability is the next step for you.

David Allen Social Security Disability Attorney

Qualifying for Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

David AllenAm I Eligible -- The Required Criteria for Social Security Disability Qualification

Understanding whether you are eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be very complicated. The Social Security Administration applies a complex formula to determine each individual’s eligibility. Knowing whether you qualify requires a thorough understanding of both the law and your medical condition. The experienced attorneys at David Allen & Associates can help you understand the requirements and seek the SSD benefits to which you are entitled.

David AllenOur Skilled Social Security Disability Attorneys

In order to qualify for SSD benefits, you need to meet two requirements: You must have worked long enough and recently enough to hold a sufficient number of Social Security work credits; and, You must be “disabled,” as that term is defined by the Social Security Administration. Our Social Security attorneys are here to walk you through the process whether in Reno, San Diego, or anywhere in-between.

David AllenUnderstanding Social Security Work Credits for Obtaining SSD Benefits

The first requirement to qualify for SSD benefits is a sufficient number of “credits” through your work experience. Wages, salary, and self-employment income all count toward satisfying your credit requirement. Generally speaking, you can earn up to four credits per year if you make a sufficient amount of income in each quarter. The amount of earnings needed changes almost every year. For example, in 2003 you could have earned four credits if you made at least $890 each quarter; however, in 2013, the quarterly earnings requirement is $1,160.

David AllenWhat it Means to be “Disabled” for Purposes of Obtaining Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

The second requirement for SSD benefit eligibility is to suffer from “total” disability. SSD does not provide benefits short-term or partial disability. Our attorneys can help you understand what “disabled” means for purposes of qualifying for SSD benefits. Please click the paragraph title link above to learn more.

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What Is The Process?

We Understand Every Step

Understanding 'Disabled'

First Step. Apply. We can get you through the initial application process improving your chance of being approved immediately.
Understanding 'Disabled'

The Major Step. Hearing before a Social Security Judge. Our experienced attorneys obtain success for the majority of those we represent at hearings.
Understanding 'Disabled'
Appeals Council,
Washington, DC

The Appeal Step. We understand how to obtain success if your case needs to be appealed to the Appeals Council.

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Social Security Disability


What you can find out from this Website

Learn the basic requirements for filing a successful SSD application.

Learn what information you will need to include in your SSD application in order to receive benefits.

If you have cancer, diabetes, or another preexisting condition, read this page to find out what this means for your SSD benefits application.

Learn what our Oakland and Sacramento SSD attorneys can to do help maximize your chances of obtaining the SSD benefits you deserve.

Get the inside scoop from our experienced claim denial lawyers in Sacramento about mistakes to avoid in the SSD application process.

More than half of all initial SSD applications are denied. If you need to appeal an SSD benefits denial, read this page for an introduction to the appeals process.

Our attorneys have decades of experience successfully representing clients in SSD hearings after their benefits applications get denied. Find out what we recommend in order to prepare for a successful hearing.

Learn the differences between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

David Allen Social Security Disability Attorney

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At David Allen & Associates you will find Personal Injury attorneys to help people injured in motor vehicle accidents, social security disability and long term disability lawyers to help those who cannot work, and Insurance Bad Faith lawyers to help policyholders collect the benefits they paid for. All of our attorneys share an unwavering commitment to helping our Personal Injury, Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability clients recover, and they have excellent track records of success when it comes to gaining decisions for their injured clients.

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