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Ability to Testify against a Spouse
Video Uploaded on: 10/15/2019         

David Allen describes a New Mexico case in which David Gutierrez was found guilty of murder. A piece of evidence used against him was his admission to his wife. His defense attorney argued spousal immunity prevented her testifying. The case was appealed and the New Mexico Supreme Court made a major decision regarding spousal immunity.

State Attorney Reduces Charges After Public Outcry
Video Uploaded on: 9/17/2019         

Attorney David Allen describes the discretion a district attorney’s office possesses when it brings criminal charges. Taylor Irby removed guns from her estranged husband’s home. She was charged with armed burglary. Reaction from the local community resulted in the charges being changed. David Allen explains why.

J.P. Morgan Sued for Paternity Leave Discrimination
Video Uploaded on: 9/3/2019         

Attorney David Allen comments on the importance of a case brought by Derek Rotondo an employee of J.P. Morgan Chase. He sought 14 weeks of parental care leave to look after a newborn son. He was denied the leave and argued the policy of the company was discriminatory. Females following birth of the child were given 16 weeks off and presumed to be the primary caregiver of the newborn.

Man Carrying Concealed Weapon Argues His Arrest Violated Fourth Amendment
Video Uploaded on: 8/20/2019         

Attorney David Allen reviews the case of Michael Hicks a Pennsylvania man arrested for intoxication and use of marijuana. He argued the arresting officer violated his constitutional rights since the officer lacked the probable cause to arrest him. He was carrying a concealed weapon. The case was decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Murder And The Gay, Trans-gender Panic Defense
Video Uploaded on: 7/30/2019         

Attorney David Allen discusses the case of James Dixon a New York man convicted of murder. He became incensed when he found the person he was attempting to attract romantically was a trans gender female. He beat the person to death. As a result of this and similar cases the Legislature in New York passed a Gay and Tran gender panic defense statute. David discusses the nature of the statute and its intended purpose.

Retirement Community Residents Argue Pool Hours Discriminatory
Video Uploaded on: 7/2/2019         

Attorney David Allen explains a case in which residents of a retirement community brought suit contending the pool hours were discriminatory. Essentially women were allowed to swim in the morning and men after 5:00 pm. The case was eventually decided by the third District Court of Appeals.

Hazardous Nature of Domestic Relations Lawyering
Video Uploaded on: 6/18/2019         

Attorney David Allen discusses the hazards confronted by lawyers providing representation in domestic relations cases. The specific case deals with a distressed husband who attached and repeatedly stabbed his wife’s attorney yelling, “I’m going to kill you...”

Walmart Terminates Woman Using Marijuana with a Medical Prescription
Video Uploaded on: 6/4/2019         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which Carol Whitmire, a Walmart employee, was terminated because marijuana was detected during a drug test following a workplace injury. She contended she was allowed to use marijuana due to her medical prescription. Walmart maintained a zero tolerance policy and contended it possessed a right to terminate her. The case was decided by a federal District Court judge.

Man Accused of Animal Cruelty for Abandoning His Pet Fish
Video Uploaded on: 5/21/2019         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which a North Carolina man Michael Ray Hinson faced accusations of animal cruelty for abandoning his pet fish. His landlord evicted him and he left the fish behind. David Allen explains the way in which the criminal system moves forward and determines what cases will be prosecuted in what cases will not.

Parents Claim RequiringTheir Daughters to Wear Skirts is Discriminatory
Video Uploaded on: 4/23/2019         

Attorney David Allen reviews a case in which parents in North Carolina brought suit against a charter school for requiring a dress code for their children. The parents argued the dress code failed to provide equal protection since the girls were required to wear skirts which restricted their activity. The school argued the dress code advanced the traditional values it was attempting to instill. The case was decided by a United States District Court.

Man Sexually Harassed by a Male Employed by Different Company.
Video Uploaded on: 4/9/2019         

Attorney David Allen reviews a case in which a resident of Pennsylvania, Carl Hewitt, contended he was subjected to sexual harassment by another male. The other male was employed by an entirely different company than the one employing Carl Hewitt. The company employing Carl contended it was not responsible for sexual harassment or a hostile work environment since it lacked control over the perpetrator employed by another company. The case was decided by a federal District Court judge in Pennsylvania.

Working While Receiving Social Security Disability Payments
Video Uploaded on: 4/2/2019         

Attorney amount of work while receiving Social Security disability payments.

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