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Auto Accidents / Car Crashes

Car crash! – It happens so quickly –

Car accidents are the most common cause of personal injury. Very few people are prepared for the lengthy and frustrating process of pursuing a claim with an auto insurance company. Sacramento Personal injury lawyers at David Allen & Associates can help.

Accidents involving trucks and big rigs are common in busy highway traffic. Highway 80, Interstate 5 and national Highway 50 all pass through and intersect in Sacramento. These major roadways are a conduit for heavy transcontinental trucking. Unfortunately, major car accidents have occurred in the Sacramento area. Long distance commercial drivers often push themselves to drive while feeling sleepy. A truck driver, who is exhausted, is a hazard to others and himself and are prone to car accidents. At David Allen & Associates, our Sacramento personal injury lawyers are very familiar with the mayhem of car accidents in Sacramento, which is caused by a trucking car crash. The Sacramento car crash lawyers have familiarity with the national transportation board and other investigative agencies responsible for maintaining safety on our highways. If personal injuries or death is inflicted as a result of a trucking car accident, the Sacramento personal injury lawyers from our law firm knows how to fully and properly investigate it and determine what relief is available for those who suffered when the car crash took place.

Having familiarity with a vehicle’s mechanics and operation provides advantages to the personal injury attorneys at David Allen & Associates when investigating personal injury cases. Motorcycles, like all forms of transportation, are fun and exciting but also hazardous. Fortunately, David Allen and his colleagues are very familiar with motorcycles. While working his way through college, David Allen worked at the Harley Davidson manufacturing plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and had previously owned and rode motorcycles. He and other personal injury lawyers in our firm are very familiar with the operation of motorcycles and the hassles, which can take place when a motorcycle are involved in an accident. Many drivers just don't see people on motorcycles. Unfortunately, sometimes a motorcycle will malfunction at the worst time. With over 41 years of experience in representing people who suffered personal injuries in motorcycle accidents, we are well-prepared to help anyone who gets hurt.

Unlike motorcycles, campers and mobile homes are much bigger in size type of vehicles and provide a freedom on the road unmatched by other forms of travel. Yet, they, like all forms of transportation, can also be hazardous. Personal injuries happen when a motorhome is defective or when a motorhome gets involved in a car crash with another vehicle. Our personal injury lawyers know, understand, and are prepared to help with legal tools, which can help you and other who suffered personal injuries in a car accident.

Another common type of vehicles commonly involved in accidents are pickup trucks. They are frequently used in the Sacramento region for a variety of reasons. They are very utilitarian. They are often rugged and take lots of abuse. Yet, pickup trucks can cause car accident injuries. Because of the unique design of pickup trucks, they produce unique car accident injuries, which require a personal injury law firm, like David Allen & Associates with experienced personal injury lawyers, to provide help through legal tools when you seek reimbursement for the expenses suffered in a pickup car crash incident.

Accidents happen not only happen on the road as off-road-vehicles also cause a fair share of personal injuries. Off-road-vehicles can get into places otherwise difficult to reach. When problems arise, however, you many times find yourself just further off the road. Unfortunately, sometimes the problems which arise are a result of a defect in the off-road vehicle. When power is applied to both the front and rear wheels, there are lots of things which can go wrong. Sometimes when these things go wrong, they produce possibility of personal injury or death. When this bad news set of circumstances confront you, you need a personal injury law firm of experienced lawyers, which understands off road vehicles and the way in which they are put together. At David Allen & Associates, our Sacramento car accident injury lawyers possess legal tools to help you get reimbursement for the expenses you suffer when things go wrong.


At David Allen & Associates, we know and understand the impact of a car accident on you and those close to you. For over 44 years, our Sacramento personal injury lawyers have helped people with personal injuries like yours, and we continue to do so in our four offices located throughout Northern California: Sacramento, Stockton, Fremont, and Oakland. Our top fight team of Sacramento personal injury lawyers can represent you in any case where you have suffered personal injury in a car accident.

If you or a loved were injured in a car accident, talk to the right people, and contact David Allen & Associates for a free consultation from one of our Sacramento personal injury lawyers. Our lawyers have been helping injured and disabled people for over 44 years. Call our office at (877) 876-4800 and one of our Sacramento car accident injury attorneys can schedule a face to face appointment. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers will discuss the details and what your rights for recovery are. Our qualified and trusted car accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case, file the appropriate paperwork, and help you recover your economic and non-economic losses including medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earning or income capacity and more.

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