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Sacramento Attorneys Examine Social Security Disability

Attorneys at David Allen & Associates Sacramento office explain that Social Security disability (SSDI benefits) is a program established under the Social Security Administration which provides payments to people who are disabled. Our Sacramento Social Security disability lawyers work on behalf of clients with disabilities that can be the result of illness, injury or a combination of both. The illnesses can be physical or mental, our Social Security lawyers explain. Illnesses which frequently produce disability, Sacramento Social Security attorneys say, are cancer being treated by chemotherapy, emphysema, and bipolar mental illness. Injuries which produce disability, our Sacramento Social Security attorneys add, are spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, and traumatic amputations. Further, our Sacramento Social Security disability attorneys point out, a combination of illness and injury may also qualify an individual for Social Security disability. Lawyers at David Allen & Associates offer this example: a combination of illness and injury would be someone living with emphysema, but who then suffered a herniated disc in a fall incurring a disability. Attorneys say the combination of a compromised pulmonary system and a low back injury produces disability. However, our Sacramento Social Security disability attorneys point out that each condition individually would not produce disability.

Disability Help for Sacramento Clients

Sacramento Social Security disability attorneys explain that when you are disabled, cannot work, and the government or insurance company has denied you SSDI benefits, the Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers of David Allen & Associates can help. You may be eligible for benefits from:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance – Attorneys say that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI benefits) provides income to disabled Sacramento workers who, during their lifetime, have sufficiently paid into Social Security. Lawyers say SSDI benefits are available to disabled Sacramento workers regardless of their income.

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) — SSI is available to disabled individuals with limited income and resources, according to our Sacramento Social Security lawyers and disability lawyers. Unlike Social Security disability, lawyers report that qualification for the SSI program is not based on payment into the Social Security System.

Attorneys know the process is slow and frustrating for most people. Seeking the assistance of a Social Security disability attorney at David Allen & Associates from the beginning of your claim can streamline the entire process. Our Sacramento Social Security Attorneys and disability attorneys examine your medical records and employment history to determine which type of disability coverage is best suited to your situation. Our Skilled Sacramento Social security disability lawyers also review your family situation to see if your spouse or children qualify for additional SSDI benefits. As specialized Social Security disability attorneys, we are committed to helping people collect the disability benefits they deserve.

What Happens When You Apply for Social Security Disability(SSD) or Supplemental Security Income(SSI)

Disability attorneys explain that more than half of the initial disability applications for SSDI benefits are denied. Furthermore, our Sacramento Social security disability attorneys say applicants must proceed through a series of additional attempts to receive benefits. When your disability claim is denied by the SSA, Social Security lawyers say you must apply for reconsideration. You do not have to provide any further evidence, Social Security attorneys add, but doing so can improve your chances of having your SSDI benefits claim approved. Our Sacramento Social Security attorneys and disability attorneys examine your application and add any materials that substantiate your claim.

Right to Representation for Social Security Disability

Lawyers explain that, in your dealings with the Social Security Administration, you possess a right to representation by an attorney. A Social Security Disability lawyer who understands Social Security law and is experienced can be a major help in getting your Social Security disability benefits. Sacramento Social Security Disability Attorneys add that you also possess the right to represent yourself. In order to represent yourself you need to understand the process.

Your Hearing Before an Administrative Law Judge for Social Security Benefits

Attorneys say the administrative hearing is your first opportunity to be heard in person. If you have not engaged a Social Security disability lawyer by this point, we strongly suggest that you contact us. Our Sacramento Social Security disability attorneys know how to give the SSA the additional evidence it is looking for to approve SSDI benefits. Many cases are successfully resolved at the hearing stage when our skilled Sacramento Social Security disability lawyer is present.

Appealing Your Case After the Hearing for Social Security Disability

Attorneys at David Allen & Associates explain that, if the administrative hearing is not successful, our Social Security lawyers request a review by the SSA’s Appeals Council. Our Sacramento Social Security disability attorneys fight to have your case reviewed. Further, your Social Security disability attorney will present as much new evidence as possible to persuade the Appeals Council to approve your claim for SSDI benefits.

Filing a Federal Court Lawsuit for Social Security Disability

Lawyers at David Allen & Associates say that the Appeals Council may decline to review your case, or it may issue an unfavorable decision in your request for Social Security Disability. Attorneys say that, should that happen, our Social Security lawyers remain committed to getting you the benefits you deserve. At that point, our Stockton, Modesto, San Jose and Sacramento Social Security disability attorneys will advise you of your chances of winning if we bring a federal lawsuit.

Work with Motivated Social Security Disability Lawyers Who Understand the Complex SSDI Benefits Process

Our Sacramento Social Security disability attorneys know that SSA cases can take years to be resolved. You can reduce your wait time with the help of the tenacious social security disability attorneys at David Allen & Associates. You can also take comfort in knowing that if our Sacramento Social security benefits attorneys fail to help you collect your benefits, you will pay no fees to your Social Security disability lawyer. Contact Us online or call us at (877) 876-4800 to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Remember, you do not pay our Sacramento Social Security disability attorneys their fees unless we successfully help you collect disability benefits.

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