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The Social Security Process Needs to be Fixed Now!
Video Uploaded on: 1/11/2019         

David Allen discusses the current stagnation impacting Social Security Disability. Over 1 million people waiting for hearings. Over 70,000 people waiting for decision after the hearing. He makes various observations based upon representing those seeking disability payments. Simple suggestions are made that can significantly reduce the wait times and bring some correction to a broken system.

Long Term Disability Offsets
Video Uploaded on: 12/11/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses how offsets are used by insurance companies when determining how much they can give you when paying out on a long term disability policy.

Long Term Disability - Own Occupation v. Any Occupation Long Term Policy
Video Uploaded on: 12/4/2018         

Attorney David Allen explains the differences and similarities between an Own Occupation Long Term Disability Insurance Policy and an Any Occupation policy. Long Term Disability polices are also known as Private Disability Insurance offered by insurance companies such as MetLife, The Standard, etc.

Long Term Disability - Insurance Application
Video Uploaded on: 11/27/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses the differences between Long Term Disability a.k.a Private Disability Insurance and Short Term Disability insurance policies. He also discusses how a Short Term Disability policy can turn into a Long Term Disability policy and when an attorney should intervene.

Long Term Disability - ERISA Policy Appeals
Video Uploaded on: 11/20/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses what is ERISA and how it is applied to Long Term Disability policies and Private Disability policies.

Attorney Murdered Day After Client’s Divorce is Final
Video Uploaded on: 11/13/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses the divorce of Walter and Cindy Radford. The day the divorce became final the attorney who was representing Cindy Radford was found shot dead in his law office. The suspect was William Radford who was later found dead at his former wife’s home from a self-inflicted gunshot. David Allen points out divorces are extraordinarily emotional. He describes three alternatives to traditional adversarial divorce pointing out the pros and cons of each.

Posthumous Marriage
Video Uploaded on: 11/6/2018         

Attorney David Allen reviews a case in which a same-sex couple were declared to be legally married three months after one of the partners died at age 82. Bonnie Foerster and Beverly Grossaint were together for 50 years sharing expenses and caring for each other prior to Beverly’s death. On her partner’s death Bonnie petitioned the court to declare they were married. David Allen explains the reasons for the request and the result.

Street Performers and the First Amendment
Video Uploaded on: 10/30/2018         

Attorney David Allen examines a case in which two young women, Michelle and Lea, traveled to Las Vegas to pose as “sexy cops” in exchange for tips from tourist getting their pictures taken with them. They were arrested for working without a county permit. They argued the First Amendment provided protection for street performing and the arrest was without probable cause since they were performing pursuant to the First Amendment. The case was eventually decided by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for the United States.

Woman Finds She “Rented” a Pet Instead Buying It
Video Uploaded on: 10/23/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which a woman Chelsea Walworth, thought she purchased a pet from the Pet Zone. She later found she only “rented” the pet.

School District Sued for Allowing Bullying
Video Uploaded on: 10/9/2018         

Attorney David Allen reviews a case arising from bullying inflicted on a Pennsylvania grade schooler, Amanda Wibel. The elementary school student her was own person who dressed outside the normal societal expectations for a little girl. Others bullied her, harassed her, teased her and generally demeaned her. After multiple changes of grade schools her mother sued the school district contending it failed to prevent the bullying.

A Criminal and Civil Case Based upon a .GIF
Video Uploaded on: 9/25/2018         

Attorney David Allen examines a case which arose from an incident in which John Rivello sent a GFI to Kirk Eichenwald with the intent to induce a seizure. He knew Kirk was epileptic and that a strobe like image could cause an epileptic seizure. The image caused a seizure. A criminal case was brought against John Rivello. Kurt Kichenwald also sued him for the injuries he inflicted.

Crunch Berries Don't Exist!?
Video Uploaded on: 9/11/2018         

Attorney David Allen reviews a case in which a consumer on behalf of herself and others brought claim against Cap’n Crunch and Crunch Berries. She contended the manufacturer misrepresented the cereal. It did not contain any crunch berries. The manufacturer argued that any reasonable consumer knows that crunch berries did not exist and therefore would not have a reasonable expectation to find them in the cereal. The case was decided by the federal court for the Eastern District of California.

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