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Search of Cellphones at the US Border
Video Uploaded on: 7/10/2018         

Attorney David Allen reviews a case in which a Turkish citizen leaving the country objected to a forensic search of his cell phone. Through his attorneys he argued Border Control and TSA needed “individualized suspicion” to engage in a forensic search of his cell phone. The federal government argued searches of electronic devices required no individualized suspicion or a warrant under an exception allowing searches of suitcases at the border

Hospital Attempts to Forbid Use of All Pins and Badges by Employees
Video Uploaded on: 7/3/2018         

Attorney David Allen examines a case in which a California hospital barred all employees from wearing unapproved pins or badges. The policy became subject of a grievance that was eventually decided by the National Labor Relations Board. David Allen shows how the case provides direction on what pains and badges can be worn by employees in a hospital setting.

Trump Sued to Make Twitter Account Open to All
Video Uploaded on: 6/27/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses the case in which individuals blocked from the Twitter account for President Trump brought suit. They contended since he was President of the United States and used Twitter to make comments he turned his Twitter account into a public forum which required access by all. On behalf of Donald Trump the argument was made he, as an individual, possessed a right to determine who he could associate with and thus who could post to his Twitter fee.

Revenge Porn Photos Result in $6 Million Verdict but No Criminal Case
Video Uploaded on: 6/19/2018         

Attorney David Allen explains the true nature of the civil case in which a former law student in California obtained a verdict in her favor of over $6 million against a former boyfriend, David Elam, for revenge porn. David Elam posted sexually explicit pictures of his ex-girlfriend on the Internet. A US Attorney in the Southern California also brought criminal charges. David Allen explains why the criminal charges were dismissed but the civil case can go forward.

Roosters Jailed for Use As Evidence
Video Uploaded on: 6/12/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which evidence for a criminal prosecution included 200 roosters. His discussion emphasizes the importance of evidence in criminal prosecution. He explains the nature of the doctrine, “Chain of Custody”.

Lawsuit Contends McDonald’s “Extra Value Meals” Are a Fraud
Video Uploaded on: 6/5/2018         

Attorney David Allen reviews a case involving an effort to bring a class action suit against McDonald’s. A customer in Chicago bought an “extra value of meal”. The customer found it was cheaper to buy the items separately as contrasted to buying them as part of an “extra value meal”. She argued McDonald’s was misleading consumers through false advertising.

Lawyer Disbarred for Allowing His Name To Be Used by Non Law Firm
Video Uploaded on: 5/29/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which a lawyer, Barry O. Bohmueller, was disbarred in Pennsylvania and suspended in New Jersey. He would allow his name to be associated with Estate Planning Advisors. The company would draft wills and trusts. It principally acted as a front for selling annuities. David Allen explains how this violated the ethical obligations of Barry Bohmueller. He also points out what you need to look for when getting a will or trust from someone other than a law firm.

David Allen Legal Tuesday: Social Security Disability – Today’s Bad News
Video Uploaded on: 5/22/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses the current stagnation impacting Social Security Disability. Over 1 million people waiting for hearings. Over 70,000 people waiting for decision after the hearing. He makes various observations based upon representing those seeking disability payments. Simple suggestions are made that can significantly reduce the wait times and bring some correction to a broken system.

Definition of Curtilage Determines Whether Search Lawful
Video Uploaded on: 5/15/2018         

Attorney David Allen reviews a Minnesota case in which a criminal defendant, Quentin Todd Chute, argued the police engaged in an unlawful search of his property. He contended they did not have permission to enter the curtilage of his property. David Allen discusses the concept of curtilage in the law.

Criminal Defendant Takes Extreme Steps to Get to Court on Time
Video Uploaded on: 5/8/2018         

Attorney David Allen examines a case in which Jonathan Rivera, age 25, took some extreme steps in getting to a court appearance on time.

Criminal Defendant Subjected to Electrical Shocking in Court
Video Uploaded on: 5/1/2018         

Attorney David Allen reviews a case in which a judge used a high voltage spend belt to enforce court ruled the quorum. A criminal defendant was in custody was acting out in the court. The judge ordered his bailiff to repeatedly send a 50,000 volt electrical charge to an ankle cuff he was wearing. Suit was brought and a Texas Court of Appeals decided whether the judge’s actions were excessive.

Hair Salon Operator Fined $16,000 For Braiding Hair
Video Uploaded on: 4/24/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which a Tennessee will beauty parlor operator was fined $16,000 for allowing hairstylists without a “natural hair stylist” license to braid hair. In Utah other stylist brought suit contending that a similar statute was unconstitutional. David Allen contrasts what took place in the two states.

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