"Six different law firms rejected Rachelle’s case. DA&A took her case before a judge and benefits were awarded. “Before David Allen & Associates, no one would help me. My attorney gave me hope which is exactly what I needed."

Rachelle's Story

Rachelle suffers from cholesteatoma, a relatively rare medical condition which can lead to significant hearing loss. Her loss of hearing prevent insured from working. She applied for Social Security Disability benefits. Her application was denied and a hearing date was later scheduled. Rachelle knew virtually nothing about the complicated Social Security hearing process, so she decided to hire an attorney to help her. She was shocked, however, to learn that no attorney would take her case. Each attorney coldly explained that her claim presented too many challenges.

Rachelle almost gave up but decided to contact David Allen & Associates. She expected to hear the same rejection script, but this time, things were different. Rachelle was treated like a friend in need and the firm agreed to fight on her behalf, despite the odds. Rachelle and her attorney worked closely together and, ultimately, Rachelle received a fully favorable decision. Social Security began making monthly payments.