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“We actually didn’t have any hope in the case. We thought we didn’t have a chance. We were told by other people that if it’s an act of God then we couldn’t win the case. He [Michael Joyce, Esq.] decided to take the case. We really didn’t have any hope but he turned it around and helped us out.”

Dane's Story

Dane's picture On January 21, 2016, around six o’clock in the evening, Dane visited a friend at a local college. Dane was sitting on one of the steps in a quad on campus surrounded by trees. In the center of the square there is a dirt patch with a tree that is approximately thirty feet tall. The base of the tree was in a small patch of saturated dirt. Many of the trees were supported supported by metal beams and support rope, but not this one. That tree fell on top of Dane, striking him on the back of his head and neck. That tree had no supports or rope holding it in place. Dane suffered injuries as a result of the tree falling. Upon performing a scene investigation his attorney, Michael Joyce, discovered the tree that struck Dane had been rotting at the base.

Dane hired David Allen & Associates to help him with his case. Within a few months his attorney, Michael Joyce, was successful in reaching a settlement with the school. “I thought I was going to be out of luck and I was going to have to pay the $3500 for the medical bills from the hospital. I was unsure how I was going to come up with the payment. After he decided to take the case he gave me more hope and confidence in the case at that point. I felt real comfortable with him taking the case. It all worked out. I will definitely come back to David Allen & Associates if something happens.”


"The staff at David Allen and Associates was very professional and my case was handled like a dream. I never expected to recover anything and, in the end, David Allen & Associates was able to settle my case for the maximum available. Thank you to everyone at David Allen & Associates!"

Cassandra's Story

Cassandra's picture Cassandra's low back was badly injured when a car struck her from behind in a dark parking lot. Like many people, Cassandra didn't know an attorney, so she called the lawyer with the biggest Yellow Pages advertisement. The attorney agreed to help, but several days later he dropped the case. That attorney convinced Cassandra that her case was only worth "a few hundred dollars." Cassandra figured that her mounting medical bills would remain unpaid and that she would never receive reimbursement for all the hassles someone else caused.

Thankfully, Cassandra's son suggested that she telephone David Allen and Associates. When she called, an in-person meeting was scheduled and the mysterious litigation process was carefully explained to her. Once she hired David Allen and Associates, Cassandra was provided with regular status updates and was kept informed of all meaningful case developments. Within a few months, the case was settled for the insurance policy limits.


"A driver struck Jessie as he was crossing a parking lot. DA&A obtained a quick and fair settlement for him. "The staff at David Allen & Associates was incredible-everybody was so nice and helpful and really cared about my case."

Jessie's Story

Jessie's picture A driver coming through the lot, for reasons unknown to anyone else, failed to properly negotiate a turn. The car hit Jesse into him onto the hood of the car. His body collapsed to the asphalt. An ambulance took Jesse to a local hospital and doctors treated him for a closed head injury and other wounds.

David Allen & Associates fought for Jessie's rights and were able to obtain a quick and fair settlement.


"With the help of David Allen & Associates, liability was proven against the grocery store, Brad's medical bills were paid, and Brad received fair compensation for his injuries."

Brad's Story

Brad's picture Brad was injured when he walked from a grocery store self-service water kiosk back to his car. As a rain fell, Brad attempted to keep the water off his face. Unknown to him supermarket left the money plastic bag in the parking lot. When he stepped on the bag, Brad's body crashed to the ground and his right knee shattered upon impact with the asphalt. After the fall, Brad lay in the rain, unable to move, while Christmas traffic zig-zagged around him.

Later, the knee-cap was surgically wired back together and Brad fought through months of physical therapy. The injuries prevented Brad from working. Meanwhile, his medical bills mounted.

David Allen & Associates worked closely with Brad to educate him about the complex litigation process and Brad was armed with information which allowed him to make reasoned decisions concerning his case. With the help of David Allen & Associates, liability was proven against the grocery store, Brad's medical bills were paid, and Brad received fair compensation for his injuries.


"David Allen & Associates fought for Patty and she ultimately settled the claim for the insurance policy limits. "The case was handled great and I made a lot of friends along the way."

Patty's Story

Patty's picture As Patty rearranged furniture on the front porch of her rental home, she tripped on a piece of uneven flooring hidden beneath outdoor carpeting. The defective floor caused Patty to fall and her right leg and ankle fractured. For months Patty sat immobile in a wheelchair and she rarely left home except to attend doctor's appointments. As she stared out the window, Patty could not help but wonder if she would ever walk again.

While she suffered at home, the landowner's insurance company denied Patty's claim. David Allen & Associates fought for Patty and she ultimately settled the claim for the insurance policy limits. Patty has since recovered from her injuries and she has returned to her active outdoor lifestyle.


Shana attempted to settle with the insurance company following a car crash. When her good faith efforts failed, DA&A came to her assistance. "David Allen & Associates really took the pressure off me."

Shana's Story

Shana's picture Shana suffered injuries when another driver rear-ended her car. She figured she could negotiate a fair settlement. These expectations quickly evaporated when the adjuster tried to intimidate Shana and force her into accepting an unreasonably low settlement offer. In response, Shana contacted David Allen & Associates for help. The claim was ultimately resolved fairly and to Shana's satisfaction.

Gladys' Story

Gladys' picture Gladys developed acute pain and swelling of her left hand/wrist in October of 2011. She sought medical attention with her Kaiser physicians including her rheumatologist. In spite of the localized swelling in one joint, her rheumatologist gave her scheduled dose of Remicade. Remicade is an intravenous immunosuppressive drug that she had been receiving for several years. This medication was used to control her rheumatoid arthritis, but this class of medication contains the well known risk of infections and infectious complications. Suppressing the inflammation of the arthritis suppresses the body’s ability to fight infections. The hand/wrist problems worsened after the Remicade injection, and she was diagnosed with a suppurative arthritis. Surgical intervention documented extensive purulent material, which was drained and cultured. Staphylococcal bacteria were found on culture, and she received two weeks of antibiotics, with only 4 days being intravenous antibiotics.

At the end of the antibiotics, Gladys came in for her regularly scheduled blood tests after her recent Remicade treatment, which included a sedimentation rate - SED RATE, also known as ESR. This blood test is used to measure the activity of an inflammatory process such as an infection or rheumatoid arthritis - the higher the number the more the concern of a serious on-going process. In the previous 2 years, Gladys’ SED RATE after each Remicade treatment had been under 30, a normal reading. However, on October 25, 2011 (just after the 2 week of antibiotics) her SED RATE was 75. In spite of this significant elevation in the SED RATE, no interventions were performed to cover the potential of a serious on-going infection.

Antibiotics were not restarted while additional blood tests were taken. This includes not repeating the SED RATE blood test in spite of the well known risk of more severe and recurrent infections in an immune compromised patient who had just been diagnosed with a deep tissue bacterial wrist infection. Gladys had multiple follow-up visits in November, with no treating physician showing concern regarding the grossly abnormal October 25, 2011 blood test result - with Kaiser medical records all labs are available to the treating providers and come up on the computer screen at each visit.

Her wrist symptoms intensified later in November and on November 30, 2011 she was evaluated by multiple physicians including rheumatology and orthopedics and again no repeat blood work was obtained to address the abnormal blood test of October 25, 2011, nor antibiotics resumed. On December 3, 2011 her husband found her to be confused and she was taken to the hospital, where she was admitted in sepsis - a widespread infection throughout her body. Her blood cultures documented the same Staphylococcal bacteria that she was found to have in October. She underwent wrist surgery with the presence of purulent material again, with the same Staphloccal bacteria. A few days into the December admission she lost function in her lower extremities with a MRI of her spine documenting multiple epidural abscesses compressing her spinal cord. She underwent three decompression surgeries due to the epidural abscesses - all found to contain the same Staphylococcal bacteria. Her complete loss of function in her lower extremities is now a debilitating weakness. She requires a wheelchair for all mobility outside the home, and has extremely limited mobility with a walker inside the home. Before the epidural abscesses, she was able to drive the car, help her husband maintain their large property in the country, do the domestic chores including cooking and cleaning, take long walks, and be the major care giver for her thirteen year old granddaughter who she and her husband have primary custody. Her husband has had to take over the household and property chores, assist Gladys around the house due to her limited mobility, assist Gladys with her activities of daily living, including bathing, cooking, cleaning, taking over most care needs of their granddaughter, and transporting Gladys to her multiple medical appointments. He additionally had to arrange for a ramp to allow Gladys to be taken to and from their country home.

David Allen & Associates was able to obtain a successful and large settlement on behalf of Gladys. The settlement has allowed her family to get the proper care for her and not have to worry about the financial hardship they once previously had.

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