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Aggressive Plaintiffs’ Attorneys throughout California and the West for Insurance Bad Faith

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

You pay your premium, and the insurance company pays benefits if something happens to you. At least, that is the way it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, insurance companies make money by denying claims, not by paying them. If your legitimate claim for benefits was denied, whether by accident, administrative incompetence, or failure to give a fair hearing, you have a personal injury claim for insurance bad faith.

What to Expect in Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

When you hire one of the Sacramento insurance bad faith lawyers at David Allen & Associates, our Sacramento insurance bad faith lawyer will examine your policy and ask:
  • Is the insurance company keeping its promise by paying your legitimate claim?
  • Were you wrongfully denied long-term disability benefits?
  • Is your auto insurance provider honoring your uninsured motorist/UM or underinsured motorist/UIM policy?
  • Were you offered UM/UIM and MedPay (MP) when the policy was sold?
We feel that insurance bad faith is an important extension of our personal injury and Social Security Disability practice. Our Sacramento insurance bad faith lawyers not only help clients recover fair compensation from private long-term disability insurance, but also represent them in claims, appeals, and lawsuits against providers of homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance. If you win a lawsuit for insurance bad faith, you may be entitled to damages in addition to the benefits promised in your policy.

When David Allen & Associates was founded in the early 1980s, it represented a number of insurance companies. Now, we exclusively serve people fighting with insurance companies, those with disability claims, and policyholders in insurance bad faith disputes. That early experience working for insurance companies provides us with insight into their strategies and those of their lawyers. Our insurance bad faith attorneys throughout Sacramento, Nevada and the West are committed to making insurance companies live up to the contracts they make with policyholders. Our insurance bad faith dispute lawyers helped clients throughout Sacramento, Nevada, and the rest of the Western United States.

So, if you have suffered insurance wrongful denials, contact David Allen & Associates for free consultation with our Sacramento personal injury lawyers. Here, we have Sacramento personal injury lawyers, who are experienced in insurance bad faith. Our Sacramento insurance bad faith lawyers are ready to aid you.

At David Allen & Associates, our personal injury lawyers offer free consultations and only charge attorney fees only if personal injury lawyers help you collect. Our personal injury lawyers can advise you and provide representation through e-mail, mail, the telephone, or in some cases, by visiting you at another location. You are always welcome at our offices for personal injuries claims.

Nevada Courts Upset with Allstate Antics

Nevada trial judges are fining an Allstate lawyer for his repeated misconduct. Philip Emerson, a Las Vegas-based lawyer, frequently is used by Allstate to represent its policy holders when they are sued for causing personal injury. Allstate, which under its policies controls the defense of the cases, refused to settle them. It hired Emerson to fight the cases. Emerson used a canned approach before juries. He appealed to the bias created by insurance company propaganda which claims injury lawsuits are “frivolous”. After getting a number of defense verdicts, the Nevada Supreme Court reviewed the cases and found Emerson’s arguments constituted misconduct. It sent some of the cases back to the trial judges. The trial judges are now fining Emerson. Most recently, he was fined over $40,000 for causing the need for a new trial.

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