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Auto Injury Claims and Medical Payments Insurance

There are several forms of medical payments insurance. The most common form people encounter is in an automobile insurance policy. Medical payments can be a source of reimbursements for someone who suffers personal injury. Someone who suffers personal injury can bring claim for medical payments if medical payments coverage is part of the coverage for the vehicle in which they suffered injury. The insurance company providing the medical payments coverage will provide reimbursement of medical expenses incurred in an auto accident producing personal injury. Coverage usually extends to all people who are in an insured car or truck and get hurt. The amount of coverage can vary. Generally, the lowest coverage is $500. There are some policies which provide up to $10,000 in coverage. When submitting medical bills, it is always best to keep a copy of what you submit. It is also wise to keep a copy of any letters or emails you use to forward the bills to the insurance company. This will allow you an opportunity to prove submission of the claim in the event a question arises later as to whether you brought claim for medical expenses.

Medical Payments Coverage applies even if you are not the owner of the automobile in which you suffered injury. It is only necessary the owner of the automobile possesses a valid automobile insurance policy which includes medical payments coverage. The existence of the coverage can be confirmed on what is referred to as the declaration sheet. It is one of the first pages of the insurance policy. It lists the various forms of coverage, such as medical payments, uninsured motorist coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage. If medical payments is shown on the declaration sheet and there is a premium shown, coverage will be present.

Most policies provide the phone number for an insurance company which can be used to report the accident and bring claim.

How to Bring a Medical Payments Injury Claim?

It is relatively simple. It is only necessary to submit copies of medical expenses which were incurred as a result of an auto personal injury to the insurance company. The insurance company will generally automatically make payment for those medical bills. The insurance company will need to see proof that the bills are for personal injuries suffered in a crash. This proof will often be self-evident on the bills. The bills will be dated the day of the crash or will be bills which were incurred shortly after the car crush. They will usually show the nature of the treatment which was provided. This should be sufficient for an insurance company to make payment under a medical payments insurance policy.

Is Medical Payments Only On Auto Policies?

Yes, medical payments coverage is also available under what is referred to as premises liability coverage. This is coverage which applies to a specific location, such as a home, a store, a warehouse, or any other place of business. The premises policies consist of a variety of coverages which protect the premises, such as fire, windstorm, hail. The premise policy usually also contains liability coverage which insures the owner of the premises in the event someone brings a personal injury claim. Many homeowners policies contain a medical payments provision. It makes payment for medical bills arising from an injury on the premises. Payment is made without consideration of whether the homeowner was at fault. It is only necessary, just as in an automobile medical payments claim, someone suffer injury and present medical bills arising from that injury. The amount of coverage varies. Most homeowners policies provide a minimum of $1000 in medical payments coverage. Some policies contain medical payments coverage which is as high as $10,000.

It is unusual for a business with a large amount of foot traffic, such as the supermarket, to have medical payments coverage. The reason is the store is exposed to a large number of claims and the insurance company which underwrites the policy will charge a large premium. Due to the size of the premium most businesses with a large amount of foot traffic will forgo medical payments coverage.

One of the principal reasons businesses carry medical payments coverage is as a goodwill gesture to customers. A customer who suffers injury at a place of business will generally feel better about the business if their medical expenses are covered, even if they are responsible for their own personal injury.

There are some businesses which are high profile and are very desirous of maintaining their goodwill. They will occasionally carry a medical payments policy with a very high limit, such as $25,000. This is unusual.

Many people, and even some lawyers are unaware of the existence and operation of the medical payments insurance coverage. This is unfortunate for those individuals they represent. Medical payments coverage can be an additional avenue for reimbursement of someone who suffers personal injury. David Allen & Associates possesses over 40 years of experience in handling personal injury claims and collected over $500,000,000 – one half billion – for its clients. The founder of the law firm previously supervised a claims unit for a major liability insurance company. He is very familiar with the various forms of coverage available under insurance policies. This expertise is very valuable to those who obtain representation for personal injury from David Allen & Associates.

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